Today We Will Tell You Why You Dont Need A  Smartwatch

 Most Smartwatches Are Very Expensive, With This Much Money You Can Easily Buy A Midrange Smartphone

Smartwatch Will Have To Be Charged Every Two Days If You Forget To Charge Then This Watch Will Not Be Able To Tell You The Time.  Whereas A Normal Watch Will Need A Battery For 1 Year

You Can Not Insert A Sim Card In Many Smartwatches, So You Will Need Your Phone Along With The Smartwatch

 If You Talk On Smartwatch, Then You Can Not Hear Properly, And You Are Not Comfortable Talking With Your Wrist Close To The Ear.

Most Smartwatches Are Not Waterproof, So You Have To Be Careful When In Water Or Washing Your Hands

Due To Smartwatch, You Do Not Miss Any Notifications, It Gives You Notifications All The Time, Which Is Very Bad In Many Situations.

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