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Essay on Beggars | Beggars Essay for Students

Begging Is The Meanest Way Of Earning A Living. There Can Be No Worse Crime Than Begging. It Is An Outrage Against Self-respect. People Of Self-respect Would Rather Prefer To Die Of Starvation Than Beg For Their Living.

Essay On Beggars

People Beg For Various Reasons. One Of These Reasons Is Their Poverty. Many People Beg In The Name Of Religion. These People Are Usually Able-bodied. Some Of Them Beg For A Noble Cause. The Money And The Things They Beg For And Collect Are Used For Building A Temple Setting Up A School Or A College In Their Locality Or For Some Other Good Purpose.

Essay on Beggars | Beggars Essay for Students

There Are Still Some Who Prefer To Pocket All That They Get From Begging. These People Are A Disgrace To Our Society And Should Be Condemned At All Costs.

Some Others Beg For Their Party Or Institution. Some Of These Beggars Are Dishonest And Should Not Be Encouraged. There Are Also Beggars Of Jobs. They Move About From Office To Office And Factory To Factory Begging For Jobs. There Are Some Countries Which Beg The Rich Ones For Financial Or Military Assistance,

There Is A Class Of Beggars That Beg Because Of Their Poverty. Most Of Them Are Blind, Lame, Or Crippled. Such Beggars Should Be Pitted And Given Help. Whatever May Be The Type Of Beggars, Begging, By All Means. Is A Crime. Beggars Are Looked Upon With Contempt

Disabled And Diseased Beggars Are Commonly Seen At Railway Stations, Bus Stops, And Places Of Pilgrimage. They Can Be Found In Front Of Restaurants, Hotels, And In The Portals Of Temples. They Have No Places Of Shelter. They Take Shelter Under Trees Or On The Verandahs Of Schools.

They Are In Worn-out And Torn Clothes Or Rags. Their Hair Is Matted. Their Faces Look Pale. Their Cheeks And Eyes Are Sunken. They Have A Look Of Poverty As If Stamped On Their Faces.

Every Morning They Get Up And Go Out With Begging Howels In Hand. They Move From Door To Door Appealing To The People For Money Or Food. Their Pitiful Look Evokes Sympathy. Kind-hearted And Generous People Feed Them And Give Them Money.

The Crippled, The Maimed, And The Diseased Who Sit In Front Of Temples And Roadside Melt The Hearts Of The People With Their Piteous Cries. A Band Of Cruel And Heartless Persons Force The Castaway Children To Beg And Make A Fortune Out Of Their Begging

Some People Resort To Begging Because It Is An Easy And Profitable Profession For Them. They Will Not Accept Any Other Calling However Lucrative It May Be. They Teach Their Family In The Art Of Begging.

Some Beggars Are, In Fact, Villains. They Beg During The Daytime And Commit Thefts At Night. One Should Be Very Careful Of These Beggars. They Should Not Be Allowed To Enter The House. They Should Be Identified, Caught, And Severely Punished.

The Beggars By Their Very Presence Create Great Problems. The Diseased Are A Social Menace. They Spread Contagious Diseases. The Disabled And The Diseased Are A Social Blot And Should Be Rescued From The Hands Of The Cruel-hearted People Who Make Money Out Of Their Begging,

Familiarity With The Sight Of These Beggars Has Dulled Our Human Sympathy And Paralyzed Our Conscience. We Sometimes Just Look At Them And Pass Them On. Sometimes We Drop Small Coins In Their Outstretched Hands Without Having Genuine Sympathy For Their Miseries.

The Government Should Realize Their Miserable Condition And Grant Some Financial Assistance For Their Subsistence. It Should Also Provide Them With Some Sort Of Shelter. It Should Train Them In Some Trade Skills To Enable Them To Earn A Living On Their Own.

They Should Be Given Jobs In Factories And Offices. For The Diseased, Treatment Centers Should Be Opened, Where They Can Stay Till They Are Cured. The Problem Of Mendicants Can Be Solved By Employing Them In Some Temples Permanently. The Problem Of Beggaries Can Be Solved To A Great Extent If The Government Takes Effective Measures For Their Rehabilitation.

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