What are the basic approaches to control air pollution?

There are three basic approaches to check the air pollution. They are: (i)preventive measures, (ii) disposal measures and (iii) collection measures. Preventive measures involve in changing the raw materials or ingredients of fuel used in the industries. Disposal measures are raising heights of smokestacks in the industries. Collective is designing equipment to trap pollutants before … Read more

Air Pollution A Hidden Menace | Class 10 MCQs Question Answer

Air pollution a hidden Menace MCQ questions

Hello Friends, In Today’s Article, We Will Tell You MCQs Questions And Answers Of Class 10 Air Pollution A Hidden Menace Chapter. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) With Answers 1. The Quantum Of Pollutants That Enters Our Body Is More Through A) Water B) Food C) Noise D) Air Ans – Air 2. The Dipper Fish … Read more

Why Does The Mountain Top Look Purple

The Mountain-top Looks Bluish-red As The Thick Cover Of Trees Drapes (Surrounds) It. When The Sun Sets In The Western Horizon, The Mountain-top Is Changed Into Purple Or Bluish-red As The Glowing Red Light Of The Setting Sun Falls On It. The Rays Of The Setting Sun Turn The Mountain-top Purple.

What Makes The Poet Cecil Frances Alexander Admire The Summer Sun

The Sun Rays In Summer In India Are Painful. But The Poet Who Hails From (Is Born In) Ireland Experiences Biting Cold Throughout The Year. So The Warmth Of The Summer Sun Brings Much-needed Relief (Comfort) To The People Of This Cold Country. The People Find Great Comfort And Pleasure From The Summer Sun Which … Read more

Avatar The Way Of Water Movie Download | Avatar 2 Movie Download In Hindi

Hello Guy’s आजके इस आर्टिकल मैं हम आपको Avatar The Way Of Water Movie को कैसे Download करना हैं Hindi मैं ये बतायेंगे। हमे उम्मीद है आपको हमारा ये Article पसंद आयेगा।  Avatar The Way Of Water Movie Avatar Movie का Second Part हैं। Avatar Movie World का सबसे ज्यादा Income करने वाली Movie हैं। … Read more

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